June 18, 2021


"Finished on time and within budget. Also found some other issues that needed attention. Professional and courteous. When these guys say start at 7:30 am —they mean what they say!!!l 100 percent satisfied."
April 23, 2021

"Prompt, courteous, hard-working, and clean. This crew did a great job with grading, paving, & sealing our driveway! Thank you!"
April 22, 2021

"After 18 years we needed driveway repaved and sealed. Billy Young Pavers did a fantastic job of repairing (not just spraying) what needed to be done but then broke up old paving and replaced and graded perfectly. Professional job done by professional workers. Will gladly call them when releasing is needed in the future."
July 15, 2018

Theresa Clark Bishop

"These guys came in and completed my driveway in one day....this consisted of a long driveway with a large parking area. They were some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with, owners and their workers...I never heard a curse word, and when they spoke with me it was always with the best manners, yes ma'am etc.... They came and gave us a free estimate and was very reasonably priced! Very Happy with my driveway! Thank you all for a wonderful job."
January 28, 2017

NeeNha F.

"I had wonderful experience with Mr. C Young , Mr. Billy and the crew. They paved my driveway very professional. I'm so happy with the results and very great price too. You guys doing awesome job. Keep up the great work. :)"
Billy S. Young's Blacktop Paving